a cellphone showing 2 characters from the movie hackers

Don’t forget your skateboards. Photo by hooverdust.

Hacker Challenge (Wed Dec 12) 7:00 pm|az @ HeatSync Labs – Kipp Hall

Interested in computer security? Come learn offensive skills in a hands-on manner as we host our first annual Hacker Challenge Night! We’ll be tackling several scenario-based hacking challenges, where participants will be exposed to common, real-world vulnerabilities.

The challenges will range from easy to moderate difficulty, so all experience levels are encouraged to attend. Come meet and learn alongside other security-minded people, and give your input on how future Hacker Challenge Nights will be run in the future!

You’ll need to bring your own computer. We will have copies of BackTrack available in DVD and USB form, depending on if you want to run as a live CD or virtual machine, but you are advised to download it- and any other hacker tools, wordlists, etc. that you might need- beforehand. Energy drinks or coffee is also recommended.

This event is sponsored by [Buffer]Overflow. We meet twice a month in Tempe to discuss computer security. Check us out!

HeatSync Labs is located east of Robson on Main Street at:

140 W Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201