Patrick's Talon heads for the sky on an Aerotech K695R motor. Photo by Chris Anderson

(Thurs Jan 19) 7:00 pm|az @ HeatSync Labs – Kipp Hall

This Thursday, January 19th, we’ll be hosting a talk on model rocketry by Geoffrey from the Superstition Spacemodeling Society. We will be going over the effects that modern technology has had on rocketry as a sport and a tool for teaching the next generations of engineers and scientists.¬†Geoffrey has seven years of rocketry experience and has achieved the High Power Rocketry Level 3 rating, the highest NAR rating achievable and has competed nationally with the local club, who has been number one for six years straight.

After Geoffrey’s talk, Ryan will be going in to where the lab fits in to all of this. We have all of the tools in the space to make these model rockets from scratch, whether it’s 3D printed, or machined, so why not put them to use? It’s the perfect hobby for people of all ages and interests, what is cooler than making highly explosive things fly up in to the air?

All HeatSync Labs meetings are open to the public for free; Cover charges are for Scottsdale night clubs! If you really want to give us money though, t-shirts, membership and sponsorship subscriptions will be available and hustled aggressively by our volunteers.

HeatSync Labs is located east of Robson on Main Street at:
140 W Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201