Photo by todbot. Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.

HeatSync Labs has done and continues to do a lot of awesome things.  Our combined resources and resourcefulness have sent a camera to the edge of space, built a Tesla coil from scrap, contributed to research in the field of 3D printing, and we’ve even thrown a nerdy party that featured a mechanical mustache!

You know what would make everything we do even more awesome, or at least incredibly more efficient?  Lasers!  Yes, the pew-pew’ing of photons makes for an incredibly effective means of quickly cutting and etching complex patterns on a wide variety of materials.

In other hackerspaces, such as NYC Resistor, having a laser cutter available created a means for people to start their own business and manufacture locally, just ask Makerbot Industries!  Some designs are too complex (read: awesome) and would take a tedious amount of time to build into something physical with traditional tools.  Being able to hit “print” on a PC or Mac and have a physical product part made in minutes pivots product ideas from the realm of impracticality to reality.  Laser cutters are expensive, however, and not very many (read: none) of us can afford to buy one or justify the huge expense to our spouses.

Fortunately, Silicon Alley created Kickstarter to help people pool their funds together to buy expensive things, like laser cutters, using the Information Super Highway!  As per Kickstarter tradition, we’ve put together an embarrassing video where we try to pitch you on our ideas, without canceling the Red Green show to hustle you for donations!

Big ups to Paul H, Jeremy L, Drea Y, Jacob R, Sleepy phone operator dude, and others for helping put together the clip.  Want to contribute to the cause as well? Check out our kickstarter project and donate today!