HeatSync Labs operates at regular hours, with events and activities happening on a near-daily basis! Pics because it happened:

  • Tentacled polyhedra invade HeatSync Labs and Thingiverse during the Thanksgiving Printparty! This one was printed by 3dYeti!
  • The results of Thanksgiving Printparty 2011. Jacob, Prescott and Moheeb printed a ton of items, including the solder spools used in Mitch’s workshop. Photo by HeatSync Labs.
  • It’s a full house at HeatSync Labs for Mitch Altman’s Arduino for Total Newbies workshop! Photo by Ryan Rix.
  • What Thingiverse meme would be complete without a Colbert head? “While some might experience print defects, I see only a magnificent Col-beard. ” Photo by Prescott Ogden.