Admiral Adama will lead the way to Earth.

Photo by .dh. Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) Licence.

As many of you know, over the past year we, as a group have grown not only in activity or notoriety, but also in size.  With no small help from Gangplank, we have been able to collect both equipment and a community, both of which are becoming too large for our nest in Chandler.  In addition, our massive laser cutter has some special needs that involve it having its own ventilation system.  We need to find our kitten laser a home!

In response to the need to accommodate our growth, HeatSync Labs has formed an exploratory committee to investigate new spaces in the Phoenix valley area that would be able to suit our needs without bankrupting us.  This committee is currently scouting out new places in relatively central areas of the following cities:

* Tempe
* Phoenix
* Mesa
* Chandler

If you’re from these areas, e-mail the committee at spaces [at] with info on any spaces that would be available for lease, and we’ll follow up to see if it meets our needs.  At the moment, people in Mesa are telling their city they want HeatSync Labs to move there.  Maybe someone will tell the city of Tempe to bring HeatSync Labs into Your Humble Editor’s ‘hood?

This will be a massive undertaking–the biggest step we’ve ever taken–and it will take as many people as possible putting together their energy and resources to take HeatSync Labs to the next level.  This is a future we have dreamed and talked about since the inception of HeatSync Labs.  Hackerspaces, however, don’t run on dreams and talk.  They run on your time and your contributions.  Merchandise & memberships and location tips will move us forward.  Help us find a new home, and help us fund it.

So say we all!