HeatSync Labs is Serious Business

Photo by Joyce Tang. All rights reserved.

After over a year of hard, painstaking work, patience, and fundraising, HeatSync Labs has now officially been approved of its 501(c)3 nonprofit status by the IRS and recognized at the federal level! We now join the very small handful of hackerspaces to have achieved this goal. This is a huge step in legitimizing this radical hackerspace concept and we thank you all for sticking with us during these while we all worked to build this organization. Here’s a timeline of our milestones for this achievement so far:

  1. December 2009 – Filing documents begin being written up
  2. April 2010 – Lawyers look everything over and the documents are submitted
  3. ???

HeatSync Labs need your help to make the most use of this achievement in helping reign in grants and donations to push us forward. If your company has grant opportunities, let us know;  There are a myriad of grant opportunities in the valley, and we’ve been compiling them on our wiki. Take a look at the grants and find something that you think fits your project and lets submit something!

But wait, there’s more!

As a 501(c)3 organization, all donations to HeatSync Labs are now tax-deductible!