Photo by BarronGreig.

(Thurs Dec 15) 7:00 pm|az @ HeatSync Labs – Kipp Hall

We bumped into Barry Greig at the Phoenix Maker Faire this year and were wowed by his awesome electric conversion for his Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Come on down to the lab where Barry is going to roll the bike right into the lab! He’ll be talking about:

o Donor Bike Selection
o Motor Selection
o Jackshaft – Purpose and Fabrication
o Battery Pack Construction
o Battery Management System (BMS)
o Controller and Contactor
o Motor Mount Fabrication
o Instrumentation and Low Voltage Electronics

Join us this Thursday at 7:00pm to see this thing up close.

All HeatSync Labs meetings are open to the public for free; Cover charges are for Scottsdale night clubs! If you really want to give us money though, t-shirts, membership and sponsorship subscriptions will be available and hustled aggressively by our volunteers.

HeatSync Labs is located east of Robson on Main Street at:
140 W Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201