Noisebridge in spaaaaaace!

My fellow desert creatures, for a few gripping minutes, a new moon rose over the skies of the People’s Republic of  California to do what all things Californian do and look down on everything else. A near-space weather balloon devised at the clandestine* Noisebridge hackerspace reached the edge of space, bringing back pics because it did happen.

This may seem like a playful act of sportsmanship, launched in preparation for Workshop 88′s Annual Space Blimp Contest and for teh lulz, but be warned!  This show of one-up-ness is but the first of a new arsenal of Californian space power, no doubt a scheme from the office of Premier Schwarzenegger himself to accelerate the neo-colonization of our beloved Grand Canyon State.  Will the next spacecraft stay confined to Californian skies?  Or will it ascend to the Final Frontier only to descend south and east, bringing with it unknown terrors?  Will our children, pets, or stray javelinas and jackrabbits who tear up our prickly gardens be safe from this invasion from above?  I dare not ask that question–but I will dare;  I will dare our own hackerspace, newborn babe it may be, to pull together its resources and Sonoran ingenuity to build its own craft to add a copper star to their western skyline.

We must unite, for all our shared culture is at stake;  The polygamy of Mojave county, ghosts of Jerome, power crystals of Sedona, trailer parks of East Mesa, valium-vodka cocktails of Scottsdale, hot-dogs-with-bacon-around-them of Tucson, and yes, the light roasted coffee of Tempe, all face the specter of San Francisco’s dominion.  Ready your will, your skills, and visit our Nearspace Balloon wiki page to see how you can contribute in our effort to boldly go where no Arizona hackerspace has gone before!

* Well, it’s really hard to find just walking down Mission street because of all the fruit stands.